No-Cost Multiplex Testing

No-Cost Multiplex Testing

Testing services are critical for identifying a variety of illnesses, such as the novel coronavirus. Dr. MobiCare’s providers offer comprehensive testing services, including multiplex COVID testing, Flu A/B, RSV, and Strep testing.

Multiplex COVID Testing involves using molecular diagnostics to detect several pathogens from one patient sample, such as throat swab or blood sample. It’s useful because it allows clinicians to quickly detect COVID-19 and other illnesses, such as the flu, which can complicate diagnoses in patients with overlapping symptoms. The multiplex test results come back more quickly than other testing options, which can expedite treatment and help contain potential outbreaks.

Flu A/B and RSV are two other common tests that help providers diagnose upper respiratory tract infections, as well as rule out more serious diseases. Flu A/B tests quickly detect and distinguish between different types of influenza, while RSV tests can help determine whether a patient has a cold or the more serious Respiratory Syncytial Virus. In some cases, clinicians may order both Flu A/B and RSV tests at the same time to obtain a more complete diagnosis.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Multiplex testing is a process of conducting a variety of diagnostic tests in one batch, allowing clinicians to obtain results from a single sample. This type of testing can be used to diagnose a wide range of conditions, including COVID-19, Influenza A/B, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), and Group A Streptococcus (GAS), also known as Strep.

Unlike conventional diagnostic testing, multiplex testing can identify several pathogens or conditions in a single test. Additionally, the sample collection and processing are quicker with multiplex testing, as only one sample needs to be taken from the patient.

The accuracy of multiplex testing results depends on the individual laboratory performing the testing and the protocols used to process the sample. However, most modern multiplex testing platforms are highly accurate and are reliable for providing accurate results for Covid-19, Influenza A/B, and RSV.

Most multiplex testing platforms require a nasopharyngeal swab sample. This means a swab is inserted into the nostril, just beyond the nose, and rotated several times to collect a sample.

The time required to receive the results depends on the type of multiplex test used and the laboratory processing the sample. In general, multiplex testing is faster than conventional diagnostic testing, and the results may be available in a few hours or less.

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